Ways Cosmetic Bonding Can Help Reshape Your Smile

Ways Cosmetic Bonding Can Help Reshape Your Smile

A small imperfection in your smile can pack a big punch when it comes to feeling self-conscious. Luckily, your dentist can help you recover cosmetic bondingthe smile you once had, repairing your teeth so you feel great about the way you look and can smile freely with cosmetic dental bonding. Find out more about dental bonding and how cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth with Dr. Tara Moshiri at Artiste Dentistry in Sterling, VA.

What is cosmetic dental bonding? 
Dental bonding is a treatment which provides fast, easy results in a single visit to your dentist. The procedure uses cosmetic resin materials bonded directly onto the tooth and molded into the appropriate shape to achieve the look the patient wants. The process takes only a few minutes and provides big results. Dental bonding is often used in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry procedures like crowns, bridges, or veneers.

How can dental bonding help my smile? 
Though dental bonding is often used to correct small imperfections in the smile, it can also repair more complex issues. Some of the most common uses for dental bonding include:

  • chipped teeth
  • cracked teeth
  • narrow teeth
  • overlapped teeth
  • uneven teeth

Dental Bonding in Sterling, VA
Your dentist must first correct any dental issues present before performing a dental bonding procedure. If necessary, your dentist may suggest a root canal, dental filling, or other dental procedures before your bonding treatment. The treatment itself will take about 15 minutes and, in some cases, may not even require your dentist to numb your mouth prior to the procedure. Your dentist first prepares the tooth with an etching solution to roughen its surface and ensure the bonding materials are permanently secured to the tooth. Then, your dentist places the moldable resin materials directly onto the tooth and forms them into the best shape for the tooth being repaired. Then, a special UV light directed at the tooth hardens and sets it permanently.

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