Artiste Dentistry Warranty

Does your dentist stand behind their work?

Dr. Moshiri does.

Patients always ask: How long should this last? At Artiste Dentistry, we always strive for perfection and satisfaction and proud of the dentistry that we provide for you and your family. This is why we are happy to provide you with this warranty, something few other offices offer. Our goal is to not just correct any dental problems you may have, but to show you how to prevent dental disease in the future, to save you time and unnecessary expense.

With the advanced technology that is now available, we are able to provide you with exceptional preventative measures to insure healthy teeth and gums, as well as maintain any restorations you may require. The long term success of the dental treatments we provide depends upon your continuing quality home care of your teeth and gums, regular professional dental exams, cleanings, x-rays and fluoride treatments. The products recommended by us for you, and the frequency of those professional recare visits depends on your individual condition. The recare visits may be every 3, 4 or 6 months apart, depending on your specific level of oral health. With that in mind, we offer the following limited dental warranties:

We offer a 2-year limited warranty on preventive and basic dental work.

Preventive & Basic Dental Work Includes:


Sealants are plastic coatings placed on the chewing surfaces of the teeth to help prevent decay in the pits and grooves of the teeth. Floss and fluoride use will help prevent decay between the teeth. We will repair or replace sealants for a period of 2 years after initial placement.


If a dental filling is the recommended treatment of choice and it fails or breaks under normal use, we will replace or repair it for a period of 2 years after initial placement. If the tooth breaks in this 2 year period, and now requires a crown or onlay, we will credit the cost of the filling towards the cost of the crown or onlay.

*if the Doctor recommended treatment is a crown and you elect to do the treatment option of a large filling, this warranty is null and void.

We offer a 5-year limited warranty on major dental work.

We will warranty these most comprehensive procedures for a full 5 years excluding *material cost provided by dental lab. Workmanship will be covered to replace or repair them during this five year period if they break, or are lost. This does not include accidents that could break normal, healthy teeth.

Major Dental Work Includes:


Most often, crowns are needed due to cracks or fractures in the tooth. Should a crowned tooth or root fracture under a placed crown due to localized occlusal trauma, tooth may require a root canal if restorable or need an extraction. If tooth still remains restorable, then the crown will be replaced at no charge. Any required root canal, extraction or implant placement is NOT included under the warranty.

To prevent crown fractures, or in rare cases an unfortunate root or tooth fracture under a newly placed crown, we strongly advise patients to return to dental office to make any necessary adjustments to the crown to remove any occlusal trauma, high bite or any chewing interferences within the 2 weeks of placing the crown.

Patients with heavy grinding, bruxing and clenching habits MUST have an occlusal guard fabricated as advised by the dentist, or crown replacement warranty will become void with non-compliance.


Medical conditions resulting from substance abuse and medical conditions and untreated oral and periodontal disease that cause damage to oral structures including the supporting bone around implants will void this warranty.



*Occlusal Guards are required to protect fragile veneers with all patients and required with bruxers and clenching patients to protect fracture of major restorations. Refusal to have an occlusal guard fabricated or failure to wear them will void this warranty.

*For major dental work, should any breakage occur, they will be replaced, but changes in shape, length, or color will NOT be warrantied once the patient aesthetically approves them prior to cementation.

*Material warranty is only extended and valid for one year after completion of major dental work.

We offer a 3-year limited warranty on removable dental work.

Removable Dental Work Includes:


We will warranty dentures and partials for a period of 3 years if a tooth chips or breaks, or a flange breaks, under normal use. This warranty does not cover accidents such as dropping your denture, or having it destroyed. Full upper and lower denture patients must be seen once every 12 months for a recare exam to evaluate the health of your oral soft tissues and of your dentures.

Removable appliances including occlusal guards (nightguards, dayguards, sports mouthguards), ortho aligners, retainers and whitening trays are custom-made for each patient. Once the process of fabrication has been initiated, NO refund will be given for the appliance under any circumstances.

Up to 3 adjustment visits to correct the fit of any removable appliances will be made at no charge. In rare instances replacement of the initially placed appliance will become necessary if adjustments to the appliance does not correct the fit of the appliance. In these rare occasions, the ill-fitting appliance MUST be returned for replacement. Loss of any ill-fitting appliance does not warranty another replacement at no cost.

*patients with some of their own natural teeth must be seen at the recommended recare appointment or this warranty is null and void.

NOTE: As you can see, we are confident in the durability of our treatment as prescribed for you. The primary key to your long term success is spending a few minutes every day on your home care, brushing, flossing, fluoride and prescribed products. The second key to success is maintaining regular professional recare appointments which include an examination, cleaning, necessary x-rays, and any necessary fluoride treatment. The interval between these recare appointments will vary depending on each patient's individual dental health needs and can be every 3, 4 or 6 months.

This warranty does NOT cover accidents that cause damage to the teeth or dental prosthesis. This warranty also does not cover dental work failure caused by recurrent decay due to poor oral hygiene, regardless of kept recare hygiene appointments.

Patient must notify Dentist of the failed dental work within a reasonable time after discovery (not to exceed 7 days) and schedule and attend an appointment with Dentist. Patient’s failure to timely notify Dentist of a failed dental work or failure to appear for a scheduled appointment is grounds for voiding coverage.


We stand behind our work.