Limited Office Hours In Midst of COVID-19 Coronavirus Impact

The Virginia Dental Association has recommended the dental offices in Virginia to postpone any non-emergent care for two weeks starting 3-17-2020. Even though our office has established additional safety measures above and beyond our already comprehensive universal standards of infection control, there are still a number of variables and unknowns, and this proactive measure is aimed to limit the spread and keep patients and practitioners safe.


Please note that our office will have limited hours going forward. Currently our office is not actively scheduling patients until April 1st, and we will communicate updates that are coming at the local, state and federal level over the coming weeks.


To accommodate emergency dental needs our office will be offering Teledentistry for a nominal fee of $30 per case per patient from 9:00-6:00pm every day including Saturday & Sundays. Teledentistry includes phone consultations, triaging patients prior to making referrals and providing emergent dental plans and prescribing emergency medications for existing patients. Please note Teledentistry is not covered by insurance, and not a substitute for a comprehensive and limited exam with clinical and radiographical (X-ray) assessment.

We will reach out to any patients that have appointments in the hours we will be closed. If you would like to request Teledentistry appointments prior to & after April 1st, 2020; and in-office appointments after April 1st , 2020, please click below.

IMPORTANT: If you are infected with COVID-19 or think you may have been infected or have cold and flu symptoms especially fever, cough and shortness of breath; please contact us in a timely manner before coming in.