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Dental Smile Gallery

Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Sterling, VA

Patient Photos Depicting:

  • Whitening
  • Chairside Anterior Composite Veneers
  • Cosmetic No Metal Bridge

Before: All teeth are discolored. Anterior front maxillary (top) teeth have poor restorations, and are severely worn and brittle.

After: Teeth are whitened. Composite Chairside (free-hand/no lab) Veneers are completed on upper Centrals.

Before: Patient is missing tooth (premolar) in upper right quadrant.

After: Missing tooth was replaced by an esthetic conservative (minimal preparation required) bonded no metal bridge.


Note: Same esthetic result could have been also achieved by a much costlier implant over a longer period of time.

*The depicted affordable smile makeover was achieved in a 10 day period*

Patient Photos Depicting:

  • Chairside Anterior Composite Veneers
  • Whitening

Before: Patient had old discolored and stained anterior teeth with underlying decay/cavity lingually and interproximally (backside and between).

After: Lower teeth are whitened and composite chairside (free hand/no lab) veneers are completed on all anterior teeth (cuspid to cuspid) and one premolar.


Additional pictures shown below were taken one week after completion of veneers and whitening after gums had healed around the veneers.


*The depicted affordable smile makeover was accomplished in 2 sessions*

Patient Photos Depicting:

  • Anterior All Ceramic Bridge
  • Veneer

Before: Patient presented with fractured old bridge that was removed. Patient also had a lingually placed and calcified lateral tooth (shown left to the bridge preparation). Patient requested to align all front teeth and thus the lateral tooth as shown was also minimally prepared to receive a veneer.

After: A three unit ceramic bridge and a single ceramic veneer was placed to give the patient an esthetic smile.

Patient Photos Depicting:

  • A single anterior (front) all ceramic crown


Before: Patient presented with fractured anterior front tooth from the gum line leaving only the submerged root. No pictures of initially fractured tooth was taken. Tooth received a root canal treatment to receive a build up (as shown) to support a crown.

After: A single esthetic all ceramic no metal crown was placed to give the patient a reason to smile again.

Patient Photos Depicting:

  • Conservative Inlay/Onlay Posterior Bridge

Before: Patient presented with missing posterior molar area that required restoration to replace missing tooth and restore function. Patient also had old defective fillings and decay with adjacent molars. Old fillings were removed and adjacent teeth were prepared (as shown) to be a retainer/anchor for the cosmetic bridge.

After: A 3-unit inlay/onlay fiber-reinforced bonded bridge was fabricated to replace the missing tooth and restore function.